That's What She Said (Senior Thesis)


My senior thesis, That’s What She Said, is a 9”x11” book that celebrates influential and inspiring women in the television industry. I took a popular societal phrase that is often used in a derogatory manner and spun it around to underscore women who have had a defining voice within the industry.

For optimal accessibility, I used the same three simple fonts throughout the entire book. I chose a color palette of reds, purples, and golds to represent the power, strength, and wisdom of the women featured. The timelines throughout the book serve to give the reader a sense of what was going on in the world at the time and how those events affected the content of each television show. A selection of spreads is shown to the left.

The Lot Restaurant Identity (Senior Project)

This is a project in which I branded a movie theater restaurant including creating a logo, menu, coasters, stationary, and tickets. I drew inspiration from pop-art, especially Andy Warhol, which greatly influenced my color palette. The menu is text based, and the style of it and the font choices came from inspiration I drew from retro diners. The menus are designed around the idea that there would be six theaters in the restaurant, and each one has a different menu cover and color assigned to it. The coasters and tickets feature the same style, but feature images from whichever movies are currently out. The tickets have also been designed so that they do not need to be ripped, and are meant to be a keepsake for costumers.


Annie Leibovitz Book Design (Senior Project)

A 9" x 9" catalog featuring the work of photographer Annie Leibovitz. The book is sorted into different chapters based on the subject of the photographs ranging from celebrities and war photography, to photos of the Queen. Each chapter has a muted color palette, starting from grey, moving to neutral colors, and eventually ending in a rich purple. This is to represent Annie's style, which has greatly changed over time and her great transition from black and white photography to color.


High Fidelity Poster Design (Senior Project)

An 18" x 24" recreation of the poster for the movie High Fidelity. I created lists on scrap paper that John Cusack’s character uses in the movie I also found cassette tapes, and various other items his character would have such as records, keys, and CDs, that I arranged to look like a messy apartment floor, and photographed the set up. I wanted to represent the mess John's character thinks his life is, made out of the items he uses to make his life better.


Bonus Features Magazine Design (Senior Project)

A 9"x 11" publication that gives a behind the scenes look at various movies. This issue in particular focuses on the last Harry Potter film and gives a look back at all of the films through interviews and other behind-the -scenes articles. I wanted the magazine to have a sketched out feel, like you are looking at the first sketches or ideas behind the film, so I included many of my own drawings made with pencil, ink, and colored pencils, throughout the magazine. I also painted the image which is featured on the cover. The magazine also features timelines that I created in Photoshop.