Hello there!

My name is Kelly O’Hara, and when it comes to design I love a challenge, and learning new ways to create beautiful and effective design.

A Philadelphia native, I am currently residing in New York City after spending the past two years in Los Angeles. I'm a movie and TV addict, but when I'm not binging a new show, I also love to travel and explore with my camera in hand.

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I have been drawing and sketching for as long as I remember. As I got older I knew I wanted to do something in art for my career. In high school, I was watching a special feature on my Harry Potter DVD (I'm a huge Potterhead) where they talked about all the different parts of the art department on the film. When they showed all the amazing projects the graphic designers got to do, I instantly decided that was the career for me and have been obsessed with and learning about design ever since.

I decided to stay close to home for college and attended Drexel University where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, and a minor in Fine Arts. It was there I discovered my love for photography and painting, both of which I enjoy doing in my spare time. After school, I decided that I wanted to try to work in design in the film industry, so I made the move to Los Angeles, and found an amazing job in the industry. However, even though I loved living in Los Angeles so much, I missed all of family and friends on the East Coast. So I transferred to my company's NYC location, and I am currently living in and exploring this exciting new city. I love design and my job, so contact me if you would like to collaborate!


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