New York City

After trading in palm trees for sky scrappers, I have found a new appreciation for my camera since moving to New York City. While there won't be pretty beaches in this series, there will be interesting lines, grids, and architecture. I hope you enjoy these photographs of things I find and love while living in New York City.

Los Angeles

When I moved to Los Angeles I found myself wanting to bring my camera everywhere I went because I kept finding the most beautiful views. This is a series of photos I took while living there of all of the beautiful sights around me.


Niagara Falls

An album of photos I was able to take while on a family vacation to Niagara Falls. Views vary from up close, to hundred of feet in the air.


Product Photography

Since becoming more involved in the world of Instagram and social media, I have had the opportunity to not only shoot photos of products for my own page, but to help in shoots for other Instagram influencers as well, such as with my friend and colleague Mackenzie Anderson (@catchmeifukenze). I have been involved for shoots on products such as headphones, active wear, pool floats, and water brands.  



A series of photos I have taken of people in various locations while out and about in Los Angeles, New York, and various other places.