Binge Worthy: The Office Review

Welcome to my Binge Worthy blog post series. In these posts, I will be taking my favorite shows that have finished their run, and tell you why you should be watching them as well! And if you are already a fan of the show, there will also be a discussion section, where I will be giving my thoughts and opinions on the show as a whole. From season rankings to favorite couples, this discussion section will look at the best and worst parts of each series. Today I'm looking at The Office

There were quite a few comedies I was trying to decide between as the first one I would write about, but ultimately The Office was a natural first choice. This show has had the ability to make me cry both from laughter and heartwarming moments and has a unique sense of humor you don't see in a lot of other shows. It's definitely one of the few shows I will always have on in the background and can quote endlessly. So without further ado, let's get into it!

IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television

IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television


The Office premiered on March 24th, 2005, with a very short six-episode first season. It was the American adaption of the UK television show created by Ricky Gervais of the same name. Gervais also helped in the creation of the American version along with Stephen Merchant, and Greg Daniels. The show stars Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Mindy Kaling, B.J. Novak, and Ed Helms. It premiered on NBC and would remain on the network for the entirety of its nine-season run.

The Plot

IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television

IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television

The Office is a mockumentary whose subject is the fictional paper company of Dunder Mifflin, said to be located in Scranton Pennsylvania. It centers around the manager Michael Scott, and his fellow employees, and follows them through not only their careers with the company but their personal lives as well.

I couldn't find a link to the original trailer, but here is a quick clip of 100 great moments from the show, which I think sums it up perfectly:

Do You Really Want To See This?

(AKA Why You Should Watch It)

IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television

IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television

While the mockumentary style of filmmaking has been around for a while, I think it is safe to say that The Office helped make it a more popular form of storytelling on the small screen. Without it, shows like Parks and Rec and Modern Family may not have existed or been set up in the same way. While the premise of watching a bunch of average people working in an office setting sounds like a very boring concept, it is, in fact, that concept that makes The Office work so well.

In Michael, you get to see that crazy boss you have probably had at some point in your life. In Jim and Pam, that office romance that everyone speculates about. In Angela, you see the extremely opinionated person, who always has to disagree with everyone on everything. You know these people, but through The Office, you get to see them and laugh at them, and not actually have to deal with them. The show does an excellent job of feeling like these characters could be real people, but giving them just enough of an exaggeration that the show can use to base its comedy off of. There are so many other reasons to love the show as well: 

  • The mockumentary style is utilized so well. Every cutaway scene or pan over to Jim is so well timed and hilarious and really allows you to see what the characters are thinking in certain situations. I really do not like laugh tracks on shows, and I love that The Office uses these subtle moments to suggest emotion rather than fake audience laughter to tell me I'm supposed to think something is funny.
  • It has one of the greatest love stories on television. Jim and Pam are a great representation of a real-life couple that goes through and overcomes good and hard times. And their build up to becoming a couple is such a cute journey to follow. (Also if this is somehow a spoiler to you, I'm sorry, but I feel like everyone has heard of Jim and Pam before when it comes to television couples so...)
  • The show is able to make hilarious episodes over the simplest concepts. One of my favorite episodes, for example, revolves around a very uncomfortable dinner party and has some of the funniest one-liners I've ever seen.
  • While the show does have many hilarious and sometimes uncomfortable moments, it also has the ability to create heartwarming ones as well. Some of my favorite episodes are centered around weddings, proposals, or just a touching moment between two office workers.
  • The dynamics between the characters work so well. This has to be one of my favorite casts on a TV show. You can just tell when you are watching how they feed off of each other, which results in so many hilarious moments.

The Essentials List

Since there is so much to watch on television these days, I often hear people say that they just like to watch the most important episodes of a show, so that they can get through them quickly and watch more things. I personally would never want to do this, if I'm going to get invested in a show, I'm in it for the long haul, even through the worst episodes. However, if this is your preferred form of television viewing, I have compiled what I believe to be the most important episodes from each season, to ensure you get the most essential information out of a shortened viewing.

Also, for people who have already seen the show and are fans, you could view this as a highlight reel to go back and watch the best episodes of each season!

Season 1

Diversity Day

Season 2

The Dundies
The Client
Christmas Party
Booze Cruise
The Injury
Drug Testing
Casino Night

Season 3

Gay Witch Hunt
The Merger
The Convict
Ben Franklin
Phyllis’s Wedding
Business School
Safety Training
Beach Games
The Job

Season 4

Fun Run
Launch Party
Branch Wars
Dinner Party
Did I Stutter
Goodbye Toby

Season 5

Weight Loss Parts 1 & 2
Business Ethics
Customer Survey
The Duel
Stress Relief Parts 1 & 2
Golden Ticket
Michael Scott Paper Company
Café Disco
Company Picnic

Season 6

The Meeting
Niagara Parts 1 & 2
Koi Pond
Double Date
Secret Santa
The Manager and the Salesman
Delivery Parts 1 & 2
The Chump

Season 7

The Search
Threat Level Midnight
Garage Sale
Michael’s Last Dundies
Goodbye Michael
Search Committee Parts 1 & 2

Season 8

The List
Garden Party
Pam’s Replacement
Christmas Wishes
Pool Party
Jury Duty
Get the Girl
Angry Andy
Free Family Portrait Studio

Season 9

Roy’s Wedding
Customer Loyalty
Moving On
Livin’ the Dream

Discussion Zone

(Beware, if you have not seen the show in its entirety, there will be spoilers from this section onward.)

IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television

IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television

I started watching The Office when I was in high school and did so until Steve Carell left in season seven. I tried to keep watching it for a little while after his departure, but it just wasn't the same to me, and I didn't tune back in until the finale. However, when the show became available on Netflix, I decided to watch the whole thing start to finish, and even though I still wasn't too fond of those episodes, I am glad I went back and have seen the whole thing, especially the final season, which I really ended up enjoying. The show has a very distinct sense of humor that I haven't really found in many other shows, and I loved the mockumentary style it was shot in, and how that idea was brought full circle at the end.

First, Let's Get Into The Office Mood...

I love how simple this opening is, and how it truly highlights the mundane parts of an office building, just as the show highlights the mundane parts of working in one. It was written by Jay Ferguson and performed by The Scrantones. And, fun fact, the scenery of Scranton shown was in fact filmed by Jim himself, John Krasinski. So now that we are in the Scranton mindset let's start the discussion... 

Seasons Ranking (from best to worst):

Best: Season 2 (IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television)

Best: Season 2 (IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television)

  1. Season 2
    Season two of The Office may be my favorite just because it has so many of my favorite episodes. It is a little harder to rate comedies based on seasons like it is with dramas, because a lot of the time, they are episodic, so in other words, a lot of the episodes don't contribute to a larger story. It could be said that the main overarching storylines of this season are Jim trying to tell Pam his true feelings for her, along with the beginnings of two other couples, Dwight and Angela, and Michael and Jan. Other than that, however, most of the episodes could stand alone, and while the show does get more continuous stories, later on, the stand alones comprise most of this season. But they are so good, that it still ranks as my top season. It contains, "The Dundies", "The Injury", "The Booze Cruise", "Drug Testing", and of course "Casino Night", along with many other outstanding episodes. Quite honestly, I don't think there is a single episode in this season that I don't like, and because of this, it gets the top spot.
  2. Season 3
    I love season three almost as much as season two, and the only reason it gets a lower ranking is because of Jim and Karen's relationship. While I get that Karen was just supposed to be another obstacle to get in the way of Jim and Pam, and I'm glad Pam had time to be single on the show and be able to grow, I still just hated them as a couple. Despite that though, the season does end with Jim and Pam finally getting together, and it has so many amazing and hilarious episodes. This was also a season where we really got see some of the secondary characters come into their own, Phyllis gets married,  Kelly and Ryan continue to try and define their relationship, and Michael and Jan are not truly as horrible yet as a couple as they become later on.

  3. Season 4
    Despite being one of the shortest seasons, this season also contains some of my favorite storylines. We get to see the rise and fall of Ryan, Michael finally comes to his senses about Jan, and we get introduced to Holly, who is absolutely delightful. This is also the first season, after waiting for so long, that we finally get to see Jim and Pam together as a couple, and it was, of course, worth the wait. This season also contains some of my all-time favorite episodes such as "The Fun Run", "Money", "The Dinner Party", and "Branch Wars".
  4. Season 5
    While this season doesn't have quite as many stand out episodes as the first three on my list, it does have some great storylines. Michael leaving to start his own paper company with Pam and Ryan was so good, and I loved getting to see Pam start to realize her full potential. Pam and Jim get engaged and find out they are pregnant. We also get to see Michael's relationship with Holly progress, and I love them as a couple. This season also has Angela and Dwight's affair during her engagement to Andy, a storyline I found to be quite funny and often overlooked.  Not to mention it contains one of my favorite scenes in the whole show in the episode "Customer Survey", which you can watch below under best dialogue scenes.
  5. Season 6
    Some people say that this was when the show started to lose it's steam a little bit, and while there are quite a few things I didn't like about this season, there are quite a few things that I do love. Of course, there is Jim and Pam's wedding, and they have their first baby. The storyline where Michael dates Pam's mom is also pretty hilarious. However the storyline of Sabre, along with the introductions of Jo Bennett and Gabe, I was not as big of a fan of, and so the second half of the season fell a little flat for me.
  6. Season 1
    Season one has quite a few quality moments, and I really do love the basketball episode. Overall, it does a great job introducing the show and the characters. However, it is only six episodes, and just doesn't have much story to it, putting it lower on my list.
  7. Season 9
    This season was a great way to finish up the show. While it was still quite not the same as the first few seasons, it was arguably better than the two that came before it. It wrapped up Jim and Pam's story nicely and gave the rest of the supporting characters satisfying arcs as well. I also, of course, love the final two episodes, as they were the perfect ending to one of my favorite shows.
  8. Season 7
    Season seven definitely had its moments. Micheal's proposal to Holly and his farewell episode are two of the show's sweetest moments. Also, the episode with Michael's last Dundie awards is always touching to watch. However, there were just so many things about the season that weigh it down. As much as I like Will Ferrel, I did not like anything about his appearance and did not find him funny. Gabe and Erin were also very annoying, and an unwelcome couple. Overall, the things I liked in this season were very much outnumbered by the things I did not like.
  9. Season 8
    To be honest, I don't remember much of this season. I didn't watch it live, and haven't rewatched many of the episodes since I watched the whole series. Without Michael at the head, the show didn't seem to know where to go and just wasn't as funny as the other seasons. The introductions of Robert California and Nellie Bertram were also not welcome additions, and I could have done without them.

Top Ten Episodes:

Best: The Injury (IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television)

Best: The Injury (IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television)

  1.  The Injury (Episode 2x12)
    This may be one of the funniest episodes in television history. It was actually one of the first episodes I ever saw of The Office, and afterward, I was instantly hooked. It's pretty spectacular that an entire episode of a show can center around someone burning their foot on a grill, but it works so well, and completely fits with what we know of Michael's character. From the cold open where Michael calls Pam to tell her he burned his foot, to his anger when everyone pays more attention to Dwight and his concussion, I laugh throughout the entire episode every time.
  2. Casino Night (Episode 2x22)
    Not only does this episode give us one of my favorite lines that Michael says to Toby which is "Why are you the way that you are? I hate, so much about who you choose to be." but it also has two of my favorite scenes on the show. The scene following that quote where the office tries to help Michael pick a charity to donate to is hilarious and manages to include almost everyone in the cast. And then, of course, there is the ending, where Jim finally tells Pam he has feelings for her, and kisses her, leaving us on the cliffhanger of whether Pam will choose Jim or Roy. Overall, it combines the humor and heartwarming moments that I love the show for into one great episode.
  3. Niagara Parts One and Two (Episodes 6x4 and 6x5)
    I love everything about this two-parter. Jim and Pam are one of my favorite television couples, so of course, their wedding would be at the top of my list. The first part is hilarious, between Michael not being able to get a room, and Jim's big slip up at the rehearsal dinner, the episode feels so authentic with the way it portrays the exchanges people have at weddings. The second part, of course, contains the ceremony, and in true Office fashion, it doesn't quite go as planned. The montage between everyone in the office recreating a dance video they saw on YouTube, and Jim and Pam getting married on the boat was the perfect way to keep the moment true to all the characters, and always brings a smile to my face when I watch it. Not to mention Jim's speech about how he knew he wanted to marry Pam "pretty much since the day [he] met her.", which of course will melt any heart.
  4. Dinner Party (Episode 4x9)
    While a few of the episodes are on this list because they are the funniest, or most heartwarming, this one is on here for being the most awkward. Watching Michael and Jan try to host a dinner party for Jim, Pam, Andy, and Angela is so uncomfortable, especially when it becomes clearer as the episode goes on just how horrible Jan is. From Dwight crashing the party, to the big blowup at the end which results in Jan smashing Michael's "plasma screen" the whole episode is perfectly awkward from start to finish. What I love about it though is how it compares the dynamic of each of the main couples on the show, and plays off of different people's idea of happiness in a relationship. This one was also one of the cast's favorite to film. You can click here to read an awesome Rolling Stones article with the cast about the making of the episode.
  5.  The Fun Run (Episode 4x1)
    Also known as the episode where Michael hits Meredith with his car, this episode is another one that has me laughing the whole way through. The fact that Michael ends up coming to the conclusion that hitting Meredith saved her life when they discover she also had rabies, pretty much sums up his character. And, the run he creates to help raise money for rabies, a disease which already has a cure, is hilarious. This is also, of course, the first episode we get to see Jim and Pam finally together as a couple, and I love the parts where Kevin spies on them to try and prove it. 
  6. Finale (Episode 9x23)
    There is no way to watch this episode without crying. The idea to end the episode a year into the future with a panel for the documentary that brings everyone back together was so smart. It was not only a great way to reincorporate the idea that the whole show had been a documentary, but it also allowed the characters to reflect back on the past nine years in an organic way. Having Michael surprise Dwight at his wedding to Angela was such a fun way to bring back Steve Carell and is one of the most emotional scenes in the episode. And of course, having the last scene take place back in the office with everyone together one last time was the perfect ending. And the final line that Pam says about there being something extraordinary about ordinary things perfectly summed up the show. 
  7. Weight Loss Parts One and Two (Episodes 5x1 and 5x2)
    While these episodes are good, the main reason they made my list is of course because the second part is the episode where Jim proposes to Pam in the rain. However, the moment does not work as well without the build up in the first half, which is why both parts must be included in the list. Watching Jim realize just how important Pam his to him, to the point where he can no longer wait to propose to her when she gets home, is so romantic, and their intimate proposal fits so well with their dynamic. These episodes also feature an appearance from Michael Klump, one of my favorites of Michael's characters.
  8. The Dundies (Episode 2x1)
    After a rocky first season, the show needed to prove in it's second season that it could live up to the British version it was adapted from, and it did so in its first episode. The Dundies was a great way to learn a little more about each character through their past Dundie experiences and award titles and is in general just a fun episode. Michael's seriousness about the awards is both awkward and heartwarming, as he tries so hard to hold a fun event for his employees, showing what a dynamic character he is. It is also the first time Jim and Pam kiss, and we get to see Pam get kicked out of Chile's for stealing other people's drinks.
  9. Goodbye Michael (Episode 7x22)
    This is another episode that is both hilarious but will also make you cry. Michael's goodbyes to everyone in the office are so funny and capture perfectly his relationship with each person. The best goodbye though of course is when Pam runs through the airport to find Michael, and give him one last hug before he gets on the plane. It was the perfect send-off for both Michael Scott, and Steve Carell.
  10. Phyllis's Wedding (Episode 3x19)
    From the minute that Michael declares "prima nocta" on Phyllis days before her wedding, you can tell this episode was going to be hilarious. Not only do we get the drama between Pam, Jim, Karen, and Roy, but so many funny moments happen in this episode. Dwight trying to find wedding crashers, Michael getting angry about Phyllis's father walking her down the aisle, and of course his wedding speech, are all great moments that always make me laugh. Not to mention that I love Phyllis and Bob, so it was really nice to see their big day.

Worst: Scots Tots (Season 6x12)
This episode is so terrible to watch. When Michael has to tell the whole classroom of graduating seniors that he can no longer keep the promise he made to pay for their college tuition, I literally cringe. Michael is an imperfect character, he often says and does inappropriate things, but it is usually just because he is so unaware of what he is doing. I do not buy, however, that he would be so dumb as to think he could afford to pay 10 kids' college tuition, and then continue to lead them on about it for over 10 years. It's probably the worst thing he does on the whole show.

Favorite Writers:

  1. Mindy Kaling
    Yes, my favorite writer is Kelly Kapoor herself. As I was researching the various writers and which episodes they wrote, I discovered that Mindy was the writer for a majority of my favorite, and in my opinion the funniest episodes. From "Diversity Day", to "The Dundies", to "Frame Toby", she was the mastermind behind some of the shows funniest moments. She even wrote my two favorite episodes, "The Injury" and "Niagara". It always amazes me when actors are so involved in other aspects of the film process, and while Mindy's role on the show its self was not a major character, I find it so inspiring that she found so many other ways to be involved with the show, and help create it.
  2. Greg Daniels
    You will probably start noticing a trend in this section of the showrunners pretty much always making this list, so this will not come as a surprise. While Greg was not the main writer on a ton of episodes, he was apart of some of the best ones such as "Basketball", "Booze Cruise", "Fun Run", "Niagara", and "Finale" just to name a few. He is also the one who helped bring us the U.S. version of the show by helping to create it with the U.K. creator Ricky Gervais. 
  3. B.J. Novak
    Yes, The Fire Guy is my third top favorite writer, and funnily enough, he wrote that episode as well. B.J. Novak wrote a ton of Office episodes including the hilarious "Chair Model" and "Threat Level Midnight." Just like with Mindy, I find it so inspiring that he both acted in and wrote for the show. I'm sure it helped both of them to have the acting experience when writing the jokes and one-liners because together they have some of the show's funniest moments. 

Favorite Story Lines:

Best: Dwight and Angela's Affair (IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television)

Best: Dwight and Angela's Affair (IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television)

  1. Dwight and Angela's Affair (Season 5)
    While I obviously do not condone affairs, and often do not like them as storylines on shows, for some reason this one works for me. Angela and Andy clearly do not work as a couple, whereas her and Dwight do, and it makes sense for both of their characters to have to go through something like this in order to realize just how much they love each other. Also, everyone in the office's reactions to the affair says a lot about their characters, and of course watching Michael have to insert himself into the situation makes for a hilarious encounter with Andy. Also, as horrible as this sounds, it makes sense for Angela, the most judgemental character on the show to do something which she is then judged for the rest of the office, and I think it helps her grow eventually as a character. I also liked how the situation ends with neither Dwight or Andy wanting to be with Angela after they realize how mistreated they both were by her, showing a realistic example of how an affair can ruin relationships. Overall it was a subtle storyline that I think worked really well.
  2. Ryan's Rise and Fall (Season 4)
    This was one of the first times on the show we got to see a character from the main office rise up in rank, and do bigger things within Dunder Mifflin. Yes, Jim went to the Stanford branch for a little bit, but that storyline was very brief and he didn't really rise up in position. So this was the first time we really got to see a main character advance in their career, and it was a fitting choice for it to be Ryan. Ryan starts off the show as a know-it-all, who thinks he is way too good for the job he has. Then, when he gets promoted within the company, he thinks he is so much smarter than everyone else, and that he will be the one to save the company. He comes back to Dunder Mifflin with a horrible attitude thanks to his rise in power, and so it was kind of satisfying when we see his eventual downfall later in the season. It was a secondary story that I feel like viewers didn't pay as much attention to, but one that I thought was pretty realistic for a show about office workers, and was very well done.
  3. Michael's Paper Company (Season 5)
    After seeing Ryan's previously mentioned downfall, it was so fun to get to see him in a new light working with Michael and Pam. This storyline is not always liked amongst fans, as it takes Michael, one of the central characters of the story, and separates him from a lot of the action happening in the office. But in my opinion, the three characters that this plot revolves around made perfect sense, and gave each of them a chance to grow. As I already mentioned, Ryan got a chance to be shown in a new way after being just an insufferable character during season four. Pam got to explore having a new type of job and sees that she had so much more potential than she realized. Michael got to get out from under Corporate's eye and run things how he wanted to, which of course did not always go well, but gave him a chance to explore new ways of management.

Worst: Tallahassee (Season 8)
This storyline was so boring. The entire office was split in half, which eliminated a lot of the dynamics between characters that usually make the show work so well. The way the two groups were split obviously made sense from a realistic standpoint, as they had to choose people to go to Tallahassee that would make sense to help in the store opening. But in doing so, they forced characters together that didn't necessarily have great comedic chemistry. This meant that the episodes were not really that funny, and so the show's concept of taking something mundane in the workplace and making it funny didn't work well in these episodes. I also did not care about the actual store it's self and was not happy with the reappearance of Todd Packer.

Favorite Characters:

Best: Jim Halpert (IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television)

Best: Jim Halpert (IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television)

  1. Jim Halpert
    I mean, what woman doesn't want to find her own Jim Halpert? Not only is Jim incredibly romantic in his quest to win over Pam, but he also just such a good, well-rounded character. He starts out as the typical younger employee who thinks he is too good for the job he has, and never truly applies himself. But over the seasons he not only moves up in rank but becomes a very important part of the company he claims to not understand in the pilot. Along the way he makes mistakes, but that only makes him more relatable and endearing. Not to mention that his pranks on Dwight are some of the show's best moments.
  2. Michael Scott
    Everyone has a crazy boss at some point in their career, but I'm sure none of them compare to Michael Scott. He may not always say the right thing, but between his many characters, and inappropriate jokes, he has an amazing heart, and many of the show's best moments include him doing something kind. An episode that often comes to mind when someone asks me why I like Michael so much is when no one shows up to Pam's art show except him, and he tells her so sincerely how proud he is of her for following her dream. This part could not have been played by anyone other than Steve Carell, whose comedic timing is impeccable, and who brings a whole new dimension to the character.
  3. Dwight Schrute
    Dwight is such a strange character, but the show would not be the same without him. From his devotion to Michael to his never-ending feud with Jim, Dwight is hilarious, and can always steal the scene with his weird one-liners. And while he never truly changes his beliefs, he does manage to grow over the course of the show and learn that where you work is not just about doing your actual job, but also about connecting with the people you work with.

Worst: Gabe Lewis
I do not like anything about this character. He is weird and awkward, but not in a funny way. Not to mention his relationship and then weird obsession with Erin is beyond creepy. I would take Toby over him any day.

Favorite Couples:

Best: Jim and Pam (IMAGEs rights belong to: to NBC Television)

Best: Jim and Pam (IMAGEs rights belong to: to NBC Television)

  1. Jim and Pam
    Jim and Pam are definitely one of my favorite one of my favorite television couples. They are a great example of a romance done well on television. They have a great slow burn build up to actually getting together, and continue to make us love them long after as well. Most couples become boring after they get together, and shows will often have them separate or go through ridiculous problems to keep them interesting. Jim and Pam are different in that they are extremely realistic and relatable. While they do go through their share of problems, the problems are ones that most real-life couples go through, and never seem dramatized or out of character just to create a story.
  2. Michael and Holly
    Watching Michael struggle for so long with Jan, while listening to him talk about how much he couldn't wait to have a family, is one of the most endearing parts of his character. And it made his journey to Holly all the more rewarding when they finally get together. Michael and Holly seem like they were made to be together, they are both goofy, sometimes inappropriate, and have big hearts. One of my favorite lines in the finale is when Pam tells the camera crew that Michael has two phones because he has so many pictures of his family they wouldn't fit on one.
  3. Phyllis and Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
    Phyllis and Bob are such an underrated couple. They are always so happy to be together and are so proud to introduce each other to everyone they meet. Bob also spoils Phyllis endlessly, and you can just tell how thankful he is to have her in his life. He even ends up spending a ton of money just to hug her! Also, side note, has anyone else read the theory that Bob always called himself by his full title because he was trying to get free advertising for his company through the documentary? I read that online a little while ago and thought it was genius! 

Worst: Kelly and Ryan
While Kelly and Ryan can be funny at times, most of the time, they just annoy me. They are both a stereotypical version of each gender. Ryan is the immature guy who is afraid of commitment, and Kelly is the insecure girl who constantly changes herself to please the man she is with. They both represent tired relationship dynamics that I could do without.

Favorite Heartwarming Moments:

Best: Jim giving Pam video and note (IMAGEs rights belong to: to NBC Television)

Best: Jim giving Pam video and note (IMAGEs rights belong to: to NBC Television)

  1. Jim gives Pam video and note (9x22)
    After watching Jim and Pam struggle over the course of the season, this moment could not have been any more heartwarming. Watching the video that Jim had the doc crew make Pam is such a fun way to look back on all of their best moments over the seasons, and was a nice tribute to the show's central couple.
  2. Pam saying goodbye to Michael (7x22)
    After a great episode of Michael giving each member of the office individual but hilarious goodbyes, it was nice to give Michael a sincere send-off. Pam and Michael have some of the show's sweetest moments, and it was fitting for her to be the final one to say goodbye. 
  3. Michael shows up at Dwight's wedding (9x23)
    For almost the entire show's run, Dwight shows Michael time and time again how much he is there for him, with Michael not very often returning the sentiment. So having him show up to surprise Dwight to be his best man, was so touching and always manages to make me cry.

Worst: Jim comforts Dwight (4x4)
While I like that Jim puts aside his differences with Dwight to comfort him, the moment ends up to be very uncomfortable. And when Dwight turns around and realizes that Jim is no longer there, it breaks my heart, but not in a good way.

Favorite Pranks:

Best: Asian Jim (IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television)

Best: Asian Jim (IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television)

  1. Asian Jim (9x3)
    Not only was this prank so creative, but perfectly executed as well. Having pranked Dwight for many years at this point, Jim pretty much thinks of everything, from the new photo on his desk to informing his actor friend about all his recent sales calls. And while a lot of Jim's pranks leave Dwight wondering if he has gone crazy or not, this one definitely takes the top spot.
  2. Jim faxes Dwight from the future (3x7)
    Just because Jim doesn't sit next to Dwight anymore, doesn't mean he can't still prank him. The idea of sending Dwight messages from himself in the future is genius, and watching Dwight actually follow the instructions in them is hilarious.
  3. Jim puts Dwight's stapler in Jello (1x1)
    This may not be the funniest or most elaborate prank Jim plays, but it is the first of the many that we see throughout the show and perfectly sets up Jim and Dwight's dynamic. It is even brought back again when Jim makes the move to Stanford and plays out with very different results with Andy.

Worst Prank: Snowball Prank (7x11 and 7x12)
Don't get me wrong, Jim definitely deserved to be bested by Dwight at some point after all the pranks he played on him. But this prank was just a little too much for me and was much darker than the light-hearted jokes Jim would play on Dwight.

Favorite Conference Room Meetings:

Best: Prison Mike IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television)

Best: Prison Mike IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television)

  1. Prison Mike (3x9)
    Prison Mike is my favorite of all of Michael's characters. Some of my favorite lines come from this scene including the one above. Overall the idea that Michael gets so upset over the office joking about how they would rather be in prison than at work was such a funny concept, and him just using ideas of prison from movies his hilarious.
  2. Watching the TV (4x3)
    This is such a funny scene, in which everyone is paying attention to the DVD symbol on the TV and seeing if it will perfectly hit in a corner rather than listening to Michael. I have actually done this on my television before, and it just perfectly captures how when you are bored at work the most mundane things can amuse you. Also, the fact that Michael thinks they are cheering for him at the end is a great touch.
  3. Diversity Day (1x2)
    This scene perfectly sums up everyone in the office by showing how they describe other cultures. Michael, of course, is completely inappropriate, while Dwight doesn't get any of the stereotypes being told to him. Everyone else tries their best to keep Michael happy while playing but without offending anyone, which of course does not go well. It is such a funny scene and perfectly sums up the personalities in the office.

Most Awkward Meeting: Tony getting up on the table (3x8)
Much like Kevin spilling his chili, this scene is not funny to me and just makes me feel very uncomfortable. Michael insisting that Tony get up on the table when he psychically can't do it is horrible, and I usually skip over this scene when I watch the episode.

Favorite Intros:

  1. Bears, Beats, Battlestar Galactica Episode (3x20)
    This is probably one of the show's most famous lines and scenes. Jim imitates Dwight almost too well, and the moment is hilarious and a fun way to play on their ongoing feud.
  2. What won't Stanley notice? (Episode 7x6)
    This moment is so funny and manages to incorporate almost the whole office in one short scene. Also watching the different things they come up with to see if Stanley will notice, is hilarious.
  3. Fire Drill (Episode 5x14)
    When Dwight fakes a fire in order to teach the office what to do in an emergency, it goes typically how most things Dwight tries to do goes. He makes the situation much more dramatic than it needs to be, and causes complete chaos, resulting in a hilarious scene with everyone overreacting. Angela throwing her cat into the ceiling might be my favorite part.

Worst: Kevin spills his Chili (5x26)
I get that this scene was supposed to played for laughs, but all it does it make me so sad. Kevin is so excited to share his chili with the office, and his face when he drops it on the floor breaks my heart.

Funniest Scene:

  1. Bill Buttlicker (5x7)
    Everything about this scene makes me laugh, and I often will watch this episode just for this scene. Despite it being a fake phone call Dwight and Michael still take it so seriously, that Jim can get away with portraying the worst customer. Every line is funny, especially when Dwight yells "BUTTLICKER, OUR PRICES HAVE NEVER BEEN LOWER"!
  2. Why Are You the Way That You Are? (2x22)
    This scene is funny by not only displaying Michael's hatred of Toby but also just how out of touch he truly is when everyone in the office tries to help him pick a charity to donate to during their casino night. The scene also involves pretty much the whole cast, and every line each person adds to it is great.
  3. Michael's Roast (5x15)
    When Michael doesn't like the jokes that are made about him at the office roast party, he decides to come up with some of his own roasts for all of the other staff members. The greatest thing about this scene is that while everything Michael says is horrible, it is mostly true. And watching everyone's reactions to what he says is priceless.

Most Cringe-Worthy Scene: Michael's wedding speech for Phyllis (3x15)
Don't get me wrong, I love this scene, it is hilarious. Between Michael not realizing that no one wants him to give a wedding speech, and all of the speech introductions he tries out, it is funny the whole way through. However, it also makes me feel second-hand embarrassment for him and is definitely not one of his finer moments. Plus, I love Phyllis and Bob's relationship, and so it was kind of a bummer that their wedding episode was not taken as seriously as Jim and Pam's or Dwight and Angela's.


IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television

IMAGEs rights belong to: NBC Television

This show has a special quality to it that I have not been able to find in many other comedies. It has the ability to both make me laugh till I cry and also warm my heart. It is at times very ridiculous, and others so realistic it makes you feel like you are watching people in your own office. Ultimately, it was these qualities that made the show so unique, and why it will always be one of my favorite comedies. As Pam says in the finale, “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?” And that quote certainly summed up this show perfectly, a show about seemingly ordinary people that managed to capture such a huge fan base for many years.

And now I'd love to hear your thoughts! What was your favorite Jim and Dwight prank? Are you maybe one of the few people out there who does not love Jim and Pam? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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