My Current Go To Fonts


I have a question for all of my fellow graphic designers; do you go through phases of just continuing to use the same few fonts because they just seem to work for every project? I know I do, and so I thought I'd share my current favorites with you. And even if you aren't a graphic designer, these are just some great fonts to check out for anyone is looking for inspiration.

1. Avenier


Avenier is a font I discovered while making my senior thesis project, and I have loved it ever since. I think the simplicity of the letters almost makes it look like it could be Helvetica or Gotham. But it is a little bit more simple, and the letters seem more open than those fonts, which makes it great for paragraph text. It is clean and easy to read, especially at a small size, so I love to use it in places where I have a lot of text. 

2. Futura


I like using Futura for various types of projects. It has an amazing ability to look both futuristic, and just playful. Because of this, it works for many different styles of projects. It is also fun to play with at a larger size, because while it looks simple, I think it really stands out. It is also a little narrower than the other fonts on my list, so it is sometimes easier to work with in places where I want bigger type, but don't have as much room to work with. 

3. Gotham


Gotham may be one of my all time favorite fonts. I find myself using it for so many projects. From paragraph text, to large quotes, Gotham looks great in all sizes, weights, and contexts. It is so clean, and easy to play with in both all caps and lowercase. This is why it is usually my first go to when I am testing fonts out for a project. It also works well for both print and web, so I am able to use it easily no matter what type of project I am designing. 

4. Adobe Garamond

adobe garamond.jpg

I discovered Adobe Garamond kind of recently, and I have been finding myself drawn to it a lot. It is a great serif font because it looks classic and elegant, but still has great readablility. I find that a lot of the times when I am using serif fonts, especially for quotes or paragraph text, they are sometimes too intricate and therefore harder to read. But this font is very clean, so I love to use it when I need a bit of a fancier font. 

And now I want to hear about some of your go to fonts. Let me know in the comments what fonts you are currently obsessed with, and why you love them, I'm always looking for new inspiration!

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