10 Things I Will Miss About Living in Los Angeles


When I made the decision to move back to the East Coast, it definitely was not an easy one. I had grown to love living in Los Angeles so much, and even though I'm excited to be back on the same coast as my family, there is a lot I will miss about living in Southern California as well. As I have been reflecting back on my time in LA, I decided to make a list of my favorite parts of living there for those who may want to think about living there in the future. So here it is, my list of reasons I loved living in Los Angeles. 

  1. Friends and Family
    Obviously, the biggest thing I will miss about living in L.A. is seeing my friends and family that live out there. It has been amazing getting to spend so much time with and get closer to my relatives that live out here, and I'm so thankful to have had that time with them. And of course, I will miss spending time with my amazing roommate and few other close friends I've made over the past two years. 
  2. The Beaches
    I have always loved going to the beach and would look forward to my family's yearly trip to the beach each summer. So when I moved to L.A. and realized there were so many different beaches within 20 minutes to a half an hour of my apartment, I was beyond excited. I would say Mackenzie and I were at the beach at least every other weekend, including Malibu even though it was a little more of a hike, purely just because we both loved the beach so much. And of course, we could do this year-round unlike on the East Coast. 
  3. The Weather
    Speaking of being able to go to the beach year-round, of course, another thing I will miss about living in California is the weather. I have never been a huge fan of the harsh Philly winters, and so having a winter where I only needed to wear sweaters as opposed to parkas was one of the best perks of living on the West Coast. Not to mention that the summers on the East Coast feel hotter as well due to the added humidity. I'd say weather wise West Coast wins for sure. 
  4. My Apartment
    I loved my apartment that Mackenzie and I shared so much. Not only did I have a blast getting to live with one of my best friends, but I also just loved the actual apartment. It was a very fair price, we had a great landlord, my room was huge, and we had a pool. All in all, I know I won't have many more apartments I will probably love as much as that one, and I was sad to have to leave it. Thank you so much Kenze for such a great find when we were apartment hunting! 
  5. Being In The Center Of The Film Industry
    The main reason I moved out to L.A. was that I wanted to work in the film industry, and honestly, it was better than I imagined it would be in that regard. There were film-related events going on all of the time. From conventions to premieres to panels to festivals, there was honestly so much going on it would be impossible to do it all. Not to mention that going to downtown L.A. pretty much felt like stepping into a different world, with movie campaigns and billboards everywhere you looked. It was pretty much my idea of heaven. 
  6. The Events
    Not only were there constantly film events going on but so many other various events as well. From fashion events to music festivals, to art shows, to fitness groups, there were always things going on for a vast amount of interests. It was hard to be bored or not be able to find something to do!
  7. California Weekend Trip Opportunities
    L.A. was close to so many great places to go for the weekend. From Vegas to San Diego to Santa Barbara to Orange County to Laguna, there were so many places only a few hours away. Plus so many huge events such as Coachella and San Diego Comic Con take place near L.A. so it was great to be so close to them and avoid having to buy a plane ticket to attend!
  8. The Restaurants  
    One of my favorite things about the city was the vast amount of options for going out to eat. Especially for brunch, there were always so many options for great outdoor dining and specials on Sunday mornings. And not only was the food delicious, but the restaurants themselves were also just stunning. Sometimes I would walk into a place to eat off the street just because it looked so cool. 
  9. The Hiking Trails
    I will admit I was not a huge hiker before I moved to the East Coast. I had been on a few trails before with various clubs, but never on my own. But that changed the first weekend I moved to L.A. when I decided I wanted to do the hike that takes you up behind the Hollywood sign. Since that weekend I would estimate I have done that hike at least 10 times with various guests, along with so many others in different locations. And the views were worth it every time. 
  10. The Blogging/Social Media Network
    This last one may seem a little strange, but Los Angeles is one of the best places to be in the social media/blogging community. There were always networking events being held for people who worked in this community where you could both get great content, ideas, and meet some awesome people. So many people in the city make their living off of their social media accounts, blogs, and Youtube accounts, and it was such a cool lifestyle to get to be apart of and observe. 

And there you have it! My top 10 things I will miss about living in Los Angeles. Now I want to hear from you guys! What cities have you lived in that you love, and what about them do you love most? I need some new trip destination ideas so let me know in the comments below!